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Penson Veterinary Office
Harry G. Penson, DVM
495 Nassau Blvd.
West Hempstead, NY 11552

Phone: (516) 538-2939
Fax: (516) 564-9650

Waiting Room
Veterinary Hospital SignPenson Veterinary Office has been recognized by the New York State Veterinary Facility Accreditation Program. Dr. Penson offers outpatient medical and surgical care of cats and dogs. X-ray and laboratory services are available at the practice. "Dr. Penson is a highly skilled surgeon and performs thorough physical exams.  Having worked in a nonprofit shelter for 24 years, Dr. Penson has spayed and neutered thousands of animals.  He encourages follow ups with all surgeries until your pet is fully recovered.  All exam room procedures are done in front of you. Dr. Penson will remove dental tarter from your pets teeth during the examination if your pet allows. Ear cleanings are done awake with you during the office visit if your pet presents with an ear infection. Nail clipping is included with the annual examination. Dr. Penson gives a pre-medication at no charge to minimize vaccine reactions in certain high risk breeds or in the use of certain type of vaccinations. Microchipping is available.

For more information about Dr. Penson's services, please feel free to contact us.